[i will wear thirty two shades of eyeliner & gentrify your avant garde poetry]

Sunday, May 28, 2006

fed & right
of stadium
can scour
are sign unbendable
taste lawn
of tendering
pails rent sample
fountain of mice
is uninformed
& nixed
conceal bravo
handy organs
sized as walls
of risk &
reticent to remind
or vexed
in matron of curfew
bin failures
spaced apart
in a medium
of ornithologist bent
no such apparatus
minding only
need to fight

alice blue three arrives

with new work by daniel borzutzky, derek white, kate pringle, tao lin, kari edwards, bob marcacci, nick antosca, sean kilpatrick, & others.

read it all here

Thursday, May 25, 2006

lyric lime

i'm listening to the sea a seashell sea
i'm sugar coated & there is a pistol
in that black case
never try to liquefy jesters with a spaniard
your penal colony functions only in ambient galactic
the dragonfly of woe couldn't speak
& the hills of my disobedience
only temper glass
do not promote desire
that length after dark
when i enchant your teleport bracelet
in the morning like inferior porcupines
i am too rain sensitive to react
lime of night mumbling
i will juice you yet

Thursday, May 18, 2006

O wars & sea recovery
Up prototype! you simple ones
Oar lack of bundling occurs
Hack it was a boar head
& she was thanked & pitied
I am flapping conjecture
Your fifth encounter with forward motion
& stone propeller’s fall
& save my new driving gloves

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

i love commercials

the poem is a commercial

i am post-surgery

& line free

you know what the stewardess really means?

go back

w/ the peasants

all you got to do is think refreshment

& the paper blob is coming

but i was fat

& i am here

your personal broker

lovely & loved & for you

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Five Movie Reviews

The Triple Fool

In this gritty, suburban crime drama, the parents of a mentally defective boy build a chicken-wire cage in their garage, glue feathers to their son, tattoo the words “chicken boy” on his forehead, and charge admission to a motley collection of customers, hoping the freak that is their son will propel them toward a rich and prosperous future. Sam Hill, a mentally defective detective who has nightmares of a similarly caged childhood, brings the parents down, then exterminates them in an exciting 132-minute shoot-out finale.

Danish Memorabilia

The owner of an East-Hamburg curio shop passes off American Happy Meal toys as the titled “Danish Memorabilia” until the “Mad Dane” parachutes in, bent on ending the “cultural misrepresentation” in a flurry of knives, typewriters, and stylish furniture.

Brunette Doll

Charles Bronson goes undercover as a famous Texan stripper to expose the erotic underside of an illegal international fur trade. Bronson may no longer have a “Death Wish,” but he still dazzles in this sexy, high-heeled adventure.

Marsha in Constant Revision

In this avant-garde thriller, writer/director Francois Jones revises the opening scene (a montage of three men eating hot-dogs and repeatedly vandalizing a public restroom) thirty-two times, with director and actor commentaries explicating the symbolic, archetypal, and stylistic qualities of each version, along with exhilarating forays into the history of mustard, catsup, pickles, and the trough-urinal.

Canoe the Motor

An internet/goth-poetry comedy with fine art direction and makeup that will make you embrace of the pain of a generation while cackling hysterically and searching through various catalogues for the perfect lacy corset.