[i will wear thirty two shades of eyeliner & gentrify your avant garde poetry]

Monday, August 28, 2006

the big sleep unslept or something

Hello Gleasonites!

This is a short hello & good bye. I have abandoned my home in Houston in search of better digs, better people, & more money. I have loaded all of my flammable furniture into one big truck & hit the road. I have dissolved job & lease, etc... In short, I am a free agent.

West coast here I come! (Probably Portland, OR, because I like foggy hippy towns...but who knows? America waits!)


Saturday, August 12, 2006

adjacent 8

your clocks are
the constant threat
warp scenario glove
despite force
drunk pendulum
that agents
describe now
as biggest danger
aerospace daisy
of new government
squid destruction
under eyes
indecent fisherman
in main attempt
fall breakfast distribution
are struck
one in
the obligation
soldiers have said
but certain soldiers
in his streets
are gnarled
cyclops generation