[i will wear thirty two shades of eyeliner & gentrify your avant garde poetry]

Friday, October 27, 2006

poem written in san luis obispo

there is a mission there
is pumpkin death &
trollies there
is the super eight motel my
money-maker i am
watching cable & disturbed
by sudden footsteps i am
a mission this time
you can trust me a signed
document peculiar
thing unnotorized
i am the mission i am
ready for something now

Thursday, October 12, 2006

after Wu-tang

wu-tang sword style
could be dangerous
ghostface catch the blast
my glock bursts
like elephant tusk
i master the trick
causing terror
i wreck this dangerous
in waco i'm locked down hardcore
gun to neck
& one in the chamber
36 styles of danger
ghetto bastards w/ biscuits
the rudeness
the ruckus
i'm hectic
i wreck it with quickness
more rugged boots
break loops & trample shit
straight out the swamp
it's fright night &
wu-tang slang is fucking dangerous

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

after Wu-tang

i get stressed
crime syndicate shit
ordinary projects &
notty-head child support
spent my cheddar on gear
buying whips for
New York, Jamaica, Miami
i flooded Virginia
50 cash bends
bleeding where the pellet hit
slug burnt through lower back side
cracked spine exit arm
hospital table mind
corrupt awkwardness
my name in trouble
transact with fiends
& just get blasted
i go in the crib
got stains on my shirt
but found dead
& incarcerated
just turned a new dad

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

after Wu-Tang

attacks you like pit freaks
killer bees murder one
check the method
w/ twin glocks
like a sniper hyper off ginseng root
or buddha monks with owls
on the chess-box
i am the method man psycho sector
in need of re-examination
i leave bags of corpses
translated precisely
but strictly hardware
armed & geared
ramshackled assassins

Monday, October 09, 2006

after Wu-Tang

Take that motherfucker

good morning to all you notty-headed
Word to the camouflage large

Bring that meth in here

drink some good Nightrain

Verse One:

Champion gear that I rock
attack you like a pit
freaks the sound

Killer Bees attack murder one
kick it like a Night Flite!

Check the method
Twin glocks!

we going to war

Verse Two: Method Man

I be from the psycho ward

save the beef on the cow

I'm like a sniper, hyper off the ginseng root
PLO style, buddha monks with owls

On the chessbox

Verse Three: Inspector Deck

I leave in body bags

Murderous material, made by a madman
It's the Inspector
From the bad lands
Representing iller

strictly hardware
Armed and geared I just broke out the prison
Charged by the system
Now, another deadly episode

Verse Four: Ghostface Killer

hype-ass verse
I ramshack
Rap assassin quick to blast

Ghost thinks with logic
I attacked your whole project

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

adjacent fourteen

political conservatives
& children on television
this apocalyptic return
faces have framed
the snow
has remained
on steeples
it falls
& the profession
does not hit
i know this type
the cocoon
has still
not been able to feel
to strike a country
two city dogs
beside you
this null moment
under anvils
mortal boom
& when null is