[i will wear thirty two shades of eyeliner & gentrify your avant garde poetry]

Saturday, September 30, 2006

okay, vacuum

my gulley brain
kitten disposal unit
frees prisoners
of the body aluminum
who continue to assassinate
omnipresent beds

could no employees of the pentagon
accept creepy weakness
including the divers

despite personal nihilists
panel snatch attic search
still unloads the bomb
but surface toilets
only attract assmonkies

get the pickaxe
for stainless codes
or top donkies
& protect yourself
from the comforting machine

tabled eyeliner
of daily monitoring
expresses deliverance
or at least eye sustenance
my hero extension

out here
there is
possible air
okay, vacuum

Thursday, September 21, 2006

rumsfeld assmonkey mosaic three

head of common accounts
rejects bomb
& biological patient
threats of liberal
crazy water
birdmad heart of atom
of moonbat
official technique
simultaneous neutron
bomb not entered

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

rumsfeld assmonkey mosaic two

concept of the eye
tables of law
mosaic soldiers
unethical techniques
expressed soldiers
insults that ask
its sentence makes
it voted for assmonkey
of president who
damages collateral

rumsfeld assmonkey mosaic

free prisoners
continue to assassinate
could no employee of Pentagon
including the diver
despite personal nihilists
unload bombs
one assmonkey
gets pickaxe
for top donkey
& protects themselves
from daily monitoring
of solvency degree

Sunday, September 17, 2006

okay vacuum

gulley brain
kitten disposal
body aluminum
omnipresent bed
creepy weakness
panel snatch
attic search
surface toilet
stainless code
comforting machine
tabled eyeliner
express deliverance
eye sustenance
hero extension
possible air
okay vacuum

Sunday, September 10, 2006

poetry through the glass partition!

been kicking it w/ maddie my dear, old, college roommate. the other day we wrote a poem together (while driving). here is the original version:

pilot armada

two lane interstate now solid
orange bifocal in brush
herds salivate under ruddy bombs
seeds scatter among rocks
stamp kittens coolly over reptiles
used dead as rafts
stall tricycles for antique replicants
vomit in the driveway
yellow antic wildebeasts
cackle like washing machines

then, on a whim i edited it thusly:

pilot armada

now solid
orange bifocal
under ruddy bombs
among rocks
stamped cooly
dead as rafts
or tricycles
for replicants
yellow antic
washing machines

don't know how i like it. i plan to run it through the old babel fish & reedit for fun later, maybe cut up & mix with something funny, but mostly enjoying the co-writing (which always comes out wacky, maybe?).

now dear maddie's making dinner (a kind thing out here in montana for an interloper such as me) & we will relax w/ the crickets or whatever.

i'm sad tho, i can't read amelia's blog right now. all i see is a blank page! has it died? say it ain't so amelia! that wd be too sad for words!

but dinner is steaming & we have another poem to write!

Thursday, September 07, 2006